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Team Lance


This message is intended for those who participated in the Lance Vaccaro Memorial Ride and appear in the film Ride for Lance.

I’m pleased to report Ride for Lance has been picked up for distribution and will be released nationally in June 2014. Lance’s story is highly inspirational and it’s my distinct honor to share his story (and yours) with the world.

During production of the film, each of you signed a hard-copy release that gave us permission to use your image and voice in the film, and we now need to secure your permission electronically. This is a time sensitive formality required by the distributor, and I thank you in advance for submitting it ASAP. The film will not change from its current version, which has been approved by Jimmy Graham.  The original hard-copy form can be seen here.  

By entering your name and email below, you are giving my company, Mactavish Pictures, and me, Director Scott Mactavish, permission to use your image and voice without restrictions in the motion picture entitled ‘Ride for Lance.’

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